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In June of 2001, All A Cart Manufacturing was asked by Damian Chapa, writer and director of The Calling, (now titled Man of Faith) to bring an older style car to the set for them to use while they filmed the movie. All A Cart was able to fulfill their need and Jeff Morris, President, offered his 1938 Buick Special. The driver is Robert Wagner, who plays a lowly impoverished farmer. The Buick is owned by Jeff and at the time of the film, the Buick's body was in poor condition. It was perfect since it had a few holes and paint blemishes. It was very befitting to the role of a poor farmer. Currently, the body has been restored by All A Cart, and with a fresh coat of paint, it looks just as good as new. Below are some pictures taken at the time of the film. At the bottom of the page, you can view pictures of the Buick before and after it has been restored. Visit the official site for the movie, Man of Faith, by clicking here.


Above are some pictures of the crew that worked on location in Delaware, Ohio.


Above, the directors and crew are setting up a scene. Above, Robert Wagner prepares to drive the Buick


Above, Robert Wagner is driving the Buick and Pattie Stephens is in the passenger seat.


Above are more pictures of Robert Wagner and the Buick.

** Below are some pictures of the Buick before its restoration**


Below are some pictures of the Buick with new paint and restored.


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